Election Next Week

[November 3, 2023]

On Tuesday, November 7, Ohioans will head to the polls to vote on two statewide ballot initiatives. Most notably is Issue 1, a citizen-initiated constitutional amendment that would enshrine abortion rights in our state constitution following the Dobbs decision last year. The driving force behind Issue 1 is a campaign called Ohio Physicians for Reproductive Rights; other supporters include traditional pro-choice advocates like ACLU, Ohio Democratic Party, and Planned Parenthood. The opposition campaign is run by groups including Ohio Right to Life, the Center for Christian Virtue, and the Ohio Republican Party.

Polling shows Issue 1 narrowly passing, though Republican lawmakers and pro-life advocates are expected to continue the fight both legislatively and legally should public polling prove accurate.

Voters will also decide on a second citizen initiative related to adult-use cannabis. Issue 2 would legalize recreational marijuana use for anyone 21 years of age and older. Unlike Issue 1, Issue 2 is a statutory proposal; therefore, the Ohio General Assembly could modify or repeal its provisions through the legislative process. Issue 2 is also expected to pass and legislative action is expected early next year.

Early voting numbers are well above levels seen in previous off-year elections, especially after the contentious August special election that saw the defeat of a different Issue 1 that dealt with how Ohio’s constitution is amended. Early voting continues through the weekend.

Saturday, November 4, 2023
8:00 am – 4:00 pm

Sunday, November 5, 2023
1:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Election Day Tuesday, November 7, 2023
6:30 am – 7:30 pm

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