Election Recap

[November 13, 2023]

Issue 1 (Reproductive Rights)

Voters approved Issue 1 by a vote of 56.6% to 43.4% last week. While passage of the measure will enshrine abortion access in the Ohio Constitution, the issue is far from resolved. Republicans in the General Assembly are considering another constitutional amendment proposal for 2024 to water down the language in Issue 1. Some lawmakers have also discussed pursuing legislation to limit the ability of Ohio courts to weigh in on abortion decisions. While this is unlikely to pass, it underscores the fact that the issue is far from resolved.

Issue 2 (Cannabis Legalization)

Voters also approved Issue 2, which enacts statute legalizing the use of cannabis for adults 21 and over. Unlike Issue 1, lawmakers can modify (or repeal) Issue 2 through the normal legislative process. Lawmakers are expected to delay the effective date of Issue 2 at a minimum. The outlook is unclear since lawmakers have discussed everything from legalization with a higher tax rate to a full repeal.

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